PPL - private pilot TMG -touring motor glider pilot


Within its flight school, the aeroclub Kladno offers the training to achieve the motor glider pilot license (TMG).

A motor glider usually consists of standard glider's airframe and an engine allowing an individual take off. Typically, the motor gliders use the thrust to fly into an area where the thermals (or other means of an atmospheric uplift) are abundant, then the engine is stopped and they may continue soaring. These aircraft may be used for cross-country or touring flights, just like the "full-feature" motor airplanes.

The TMG applicants must comply with the same requirements as the PPL applicants. However, there are some advantages:

  1. the medical requirements are less demanding - the fitness may be granted by the local aeromedical doctor (AME)
  2. the training flight time is only 20 hours
  3. not so financially demanding, compared to the PPL
  4. less demands on theoretical knowledge and for the pilot's final exam

Unlike the glider pilot training, the TMG student pilot is a customer of the flight school of Aeroclub Kladno. Therefore, the pilot is provided with a service of higher standard, taking in account his individual requirements and needs. However, the technical capacities of the school and the actual meteorological conditions must be considered.

The TMG training is performed in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Czech Republic and it follows the training outlines by the AK-PL (aeroclub - gliders). The training includes lessons of 40 hours minimum and 20 hours of flight lessons. The motor glider L-13SW is used.

What to do in order to achieve this license?

Contact us first and sign up into our flight school, where you will receive the initial information regarding the conditions and requirements in order to launch the training course. The minimal age is 16 years, the applicant must be medically fit. We also require our student pilots to have moral integrity. The application form may be handed in personally, at the aeroclub office.

Following the initial paperwork, you will undergo the medical check, which may be performed by the authorized aeromedics. The list of all the authorized doctors is available at every aeroclub. The check lasts for about one hour and includes some basic checks and an EKG check. Unless you suffer from serious medical problems or a major injury, there should be no problems in this issue.

After the successful medical exam, the training agreement needs to be signed.

Then, you will be assigned an experienced instructor, who will launch the training by teaching you some theory lessons of the following subjects: aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, laws of the air, aircraft design, flight instruments and communications. The lessons may be planned to suit the needs of the applicant.

The practical training (of min. 20 flight hours) may start within the course of the theoretical training. During the elementary training, the applicant obtains all the skills needed to achieve the TMG license (safe take offs, landings, resolving emergencies, the piloting techniques, navigations, flights to other airfields). The number of hours may be raised, either upon the request of the pilot, or his instructor.

Upon completing both the theoretical and the practical block of the training, a certificate is issued, to confirm the completion of the training. We may also take some action to assist the applicant in negotiating with the Aviation Authority in order to set up a term for the pilot's exams.

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